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Winglong (Australia) Group 澳大利亞永良有限公司

Winglong Pty Ltd, Winglong Travel Pty Ltd, AAA Tours Pty Ltd

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Inbound tours
Winglong Australia has been involved in organising inbound study tours from South East Asia for over 20 years.
Tailoring inbound tour groups
Winglong Australia tailor-makes training programs and tourism logisitics to meet needs of incoming delegations.

Strong networks with Australian governments, businesses and institutions

Winglong Australia maintains close relationships with many Australian universities, TAFE, and government departments. Our strong local connection enables us to arrange targeted visits in all occassions covering all topics. We are always seeking to expand our network to provide the best possible training for inbound tour groups. We always use experienced professional interpreters  to ensure the value and quality delivery of the training.
Past delegations
Over 1200 delegation groups totalling more than 15000 delegates from all levels of Chinese Government, educational Institutions, large cooperations and non-government organizations.


Training Topics include:


Government Structure


National Strategy and Policy design

Public Administration

Accountability and supervision watchdog


Human Resource Management


Social Security and Welfare System

Infrastructure (water, electricity etc)



Animal/Plant Disease Control

Livestock Management

Food Safety

Agricultural credit union

Education/TAFE and VET

Environment protection/sustainable development/carbon reduction/pollution elimination

Clean Energy and New Energy

Recycling and waste management



Legal System/Law/Judiciary Syste

Large Scale Event management

NGO operation

Medicare System


Healthcare and hospital management






Culture industry/Innovative culture


Tobacco industry


Scientific development


Space Technology


Transportation and road safety


Fashion industry


Urban Planning and heritage conservation


Land and resource management


Natural resources (salt, coal, nonferrous metal, iron ore etc)


Mining Safety and supervision


Dam Safety


Power Grid management


Intellectural Copy Right